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I'm in my 3rd Trimester.

You're on the home straight! You may be feeling excited or nervous about childbirth and motherhood, or you may be feeling a combination of the two. However you may be feeling, I would love to support you on the home straight of your pregnancy journey.

4th Trimester Package - Now's the time to book!

Vaginal delivery or c-section, first timer or a mum who has been through it before, I fuse together the skills of a postnatal doula with those of a personal trainer to offer you this holistic package of support during the fourth trimester: the first 12 weeks of your baby's life outside the womb. This package will give you a headstart with your physical rehabilitation, whilst nurturing you emotionally too.

Services offered with this package include:

  • core recovery: healing diastasis recti, optimising breathing and reconnecting with the pelvic floor

  • stretches and mobilisations, for tired, achy bodies

  • emotional support - a non-judgemental ear to help you to process your birth experience or your feelings as you adapt to motherhood

  • guidance on recovery nutrition

  • deliveries of homemade, slow-cooked bone broth to support healing

  • breastfeeding or bottlefeeding support

  • rest strategies

  • accompanying you to appointments

  • looking after your baby so you can shower or rest

  • practical help around the home: hoovering, hanging out laundry or picking up groceries

  • helping you to locate and navigate other services if the need arises 

My fourth trimester packages are bespoke for the level of support you require, with a minimum booking of a single 2.5 hour session each week at a total cost of £1,200. Additional travel charges may apply.

If your baby has already been born but you are craving some additional support, fear not! While the Fourth Trimester Package is designed to start as soon as baby gets home, we can be flexible where the need arises. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Personal Training

It's not too late! Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, whether you're already training or not, I will be able to support you with my 3rd Trimester Personal Training. Pregnancy is not a time to try to achieve personal bests, but it is a great time to get to know your body better and to move it in a way which is both nourishing and beneficial for it.

Our sessions will incorporate:

  • pre-releases, post-releases and mobilisations

  • pulse raisers

  • strength training

  • focused core and pelvic floor work

  • optimal foetal positioning (if you are planning a vaginal delivery)

  • nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

Sessions are held in a dedicated space in my home, or in your home.

Prices at my home or at homes in SW13/SW14

Single session £60

Block of 10 sessions £500

Prices for home visits in SW6, W6, W4, SW10, SW11, SW8

Single session £75

Block of 10 sessions £625

Please contact me to book your sessions.

The Mummy Coach Masterclass ©

This one-to-one session is for pregnant mums who want to learn how to stay safe, strong, fit and healthy during pregnancy, but who cannot commit to regular personal training sessions. It is tailored to meet your needs, and is suitable for you regardless of your level of fitness and whether this is your first pregnancy or not.


During the masterclass, I will: 

  • teach you what your core is, how your pregnancy affects it, and how to spot and manage diastasis recti

  • assess your alignment/posture and teach you some effective stretches and releases

  • coach you through diaphragmatic breathing, and guide you how to re-establish optimal breathing patterns after baby is born

  • coach you how to do your pelvic floor exercises properly

  • teach you safe lifting techniques (particularly invaluable if this is not a first pregnancy and you have toddlers or older children to care for)

  • take you through a balanced exercise session tailored to your current abilities and appropriate for your stage of pregnancy

  • guide you on how to regress specific exercises as your pregnancy progresses

  • answer any questions you may have about pregnancy nutrition, and give you guidance on optimal nutrition for postnatal recovery

Sessions are held in a dedicated space in my home, or in your home.

2.5 hours £150

Please contact me to book your sessions.

Walk & Talk Sessions

Exactly what it says on the tin, we walk at a pace which is comfortable to you and we talk. Being close to the end of your pregnancy can throw up many emotions. You may be anxious about the birth. You may be thinking about how your baby's birth will affect your career or relationship or existing family dynamic. You may be worried about the physical changes that are occurring . Talking helps you to work through your feelings and find clarity, with the added benefits of a pulse-raising activity and a dose of fresh air.

1 hour £50

30 minutes £30

Please do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile if you require a session at short notice. I shall do my best to accommodate you.

Postnatal Planning Session

We spend a great deal of time putting together our birth plans, with every eventuality considered and accounted for. But what about a postnatal plan? Have you given any real thought to what will happen after baby is born? Whether you're pregnant for the first time or are already a mum, now would be a good time to book in a Postnatal Planning Session with me.


We will meet during your third trimester and I will guide you (and your partner, if you would like) through the sorts of things you may wish to consider, discuss and plan for, to better prepare you for the aftermath of baby's arrival. I will also guide you through some offensive and defensive strategies to aid your physical recovery postnatally.


This forethought will be a huge source of comfort to you after your baby is born and a fog of tiredness and hormones descends!


90 minutes £150, including a follow up call after your baby is born.

Please contact me to book.