Do you provide a contract?

Yes, whatever service(s) you are booking with me, I provide a contract that outlines my terms and my commitment to supporting you.

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

I am based in Barnes and have a studio at my home where many of my clients come to train. I am happy to visit you in your home or in a park, and cover a wide area of South West/West London beyond Barnes including: Sheen, Putney, Richmond, Chiswick, Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Hammersmith.

What qualifications do you have?

You can find an up-to-date list of my qualifications and training here.

Are you insured?

Yes: I am fully insured and can show you a copy of my paperwork if required.

Are you first aid trained?

Yes, I have a certificate in adult first aid.

Should I see a women’s health physiotherapist, and can you recommend one?

Yes; I recommend that every mum - new and not-so-new - should see a women's health physiotherapist postnatally. This applies whether you delivered vaginally or by C-Section. Based in Mortlake is Tara Scott of Harmony Physiotherapy. She is super friendly and knowledgable and offers the Mummy MOT for postnatal women. Visit her website here. A short car or train journey from Barnes, but worth the journey, I highly recommend Helen Keeble & Associates. Helen is enormously experienced, extremely passionate about her work and very personable. She runs a clinic in Wandsworth Town. Find out more here. Clare Pacey is another great women's health physio, who is happy to see mums in clinic or - super helpfully - in their own homes. Read more here. A little further afield is the wonderful Emma Brockwell, who is based at the Halo's Clinic in Oxted. Emma carried out my own postnatal Mummy MOT and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an expert when it comes to returning mums to running postnatally so if running is your thing, it is well worth the trip. You can read more about Emma's expertise here.

My doctor has told me that my pregnancy is high-risk. Can you work with me as a Personal Trainer?

It depends. Some contraindications are absolute, meaning that I will be unable to work with you. Others are relative, which means I may be able to work with you with your doctor’s sign off. Please contact me to talk about this further.

I have just had a baby and am desperate to lose my baby weight. Can you help?

Firstly: congrats on growing and birthing a human being. You're a rockstar! I know you may not feel comfortable in your body at the moment. Maybe you don't feel at all like yourself. While I will always talk to you about your broader goals and support you to achieve them, it is important to do this safely, in a way that sets you up and not back. So, while we can definitely work towards weight loss in due course, if that's your goal, I will always advocate a recovery/rehab mindset: giving your body time to recover from the trauma of childbirth gradually. While you are recovering, I will support you to get strong from the inside out, and I can also help you to develop nutrition and rest strategies to support the healing process. This is an approach that has worked with countless clients, as you can read from my testimonials here.

Will our workout feel like a workout?

Yes! Mums lift and carry and squat and push and pull all day long. Those movement patterns will form the basis of our sessions together, whether you are pregnant, newly postnatal or beyond. Once you demonstrate sufficient control with bodyweight, we cautiously start to add load. Trust me that it will feel like (and is) a 'proper' workout!