Streamed once a week, this is isolated core and abs work to supplement the work your core will be having to do during the Strength sessions. Like with our Strength sessions, in Core we focus on consistency - training the movements for the whole training block - and progressive overload - making things more challenging as you get stronger.

Streams Wednesdays at 6:30am, 30 minutes.


I live stream two, balanced, full-body, strength sessions each week. The movements in each session stay the same throughout the month-long training block, enabling us to focus on quality of movement, consistency and progressive overload - as you adapt and get stronger, we make your sessions more challenging. Different exercise options are provided to suit different abilities. I’ve designed the programme so that each Strength session can stand alone - you can do just one per week rather than two if that suits you better. One is better than zero!

Streams on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:15am, 45 minutes including warm up and cool down.

Every weekend, we do conditioning, which is basically cardio, but we use weights during some of the movements. These sessions are fairly high intensity, but you’ll always be encouraged to work at your own pace. Some of the exercises will be high impact (e.g. jumps) but lower impact alternatives will always be provided for those who require them and, crucially, I will coach you on how to progress from low to high impact as we go.

Streams Saturdays at 8am, 30 minutes including warm up and cool down.



  • £50 per month

  • 4 sessions per week - join live or catch up whenever suits you

  • Troubleshooting, cheer-leading and support from me, via the LIFTers' forum

  • Female focused training: I will talk openly about things like the menstrual cycle, pelvic health and boobs!

  • Access to my library of Key Concepts, taking you through some of the fundamentals of strength training and pelvic health, so that you can get the most out of your LIFT membership

  • Access to my growing library of Conditioning workouts

  • Printable training logs, so that you can easily keep a record of each session

  • Monthly Q&A with Nutritionist Kristy Coleman.

This is a home-based programme. You won’t need too much space for the workouts. You’ll need a mat if you are uncomfortable lying on the floor. A few of the exercises will need you to have a bench or sofa to lean on or raise your feet on, others will require a strong, sturdy chair.


In terms of what weights you need, the more you have access to, the more options you will have for progression as you get stronger and more confident. However, I would suggest doing an initial, month-long training cycle using whatever equipment you currently have access to rather than going on a massive shopping spree right now. If you enjoy it, and get the LIFT bug, you can then invest in some additional equipment. I’ve popped some suggestions here - this is an affiliate link and you are of course free to source elsewhere. Please note that it is impossible to give guidance on what particular weight of dumbbells etc. to buy, as this will be specific to each LIFTer and their starting point. I would say, however, that you are unlikely to need 1kg or 2kg weights - in my experience clients outgrow these very, very quickly!

If you do not currently have any equipment, I suggest you buy a set of miniband loops and resistance bands before beginning LIFT, otherwise your ability to join in with the training will be limited. See some suggestions here.



While this programme is not designed to be postnatal specific, my specialist training will benefit those looking to return to or start strength training post-birth; this is a life chapter during which we can certainly do with being well-conditioned for and feeling confident in functional lifting! It is advised that anybody participating in this programme post-birth has been cleared to train and has seen or is working in conjunction with a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Please remember that I am not qualified to diagnose or give medical advice.

If you are starting back to exercise post-birth, I suggest that your emphasis for the first couple of training blocks should be on building a solid foundation, reconnecting with your core, (re)mastering movement patterns in a way that prioritises quality over quantity and that loads should feel light and workouts should feel fairly easy. This may require you to keep your ego in check.


Nope - but watch this space for a Pregnancy-specific LIFT programme, coming soon