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Remote Coaching
Bespoke programming to suit your goals
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Personal Training
Weekly 1-2-1 training sessions with me, in my studio
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A follow-along, online, progressive strength training programme for women
An ad hoc 1-2-1 session to support you with a specific issue 

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I work 1-2-1 with women at all life stages. My focus as a coach is on strength training, which is vitally important for women, but often neglected. Strength training can help us to: develop strong bones, increasing bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis; build and preserve lean muscle mass, which naturally diminishes with age; improve confidence; manage weight; promote better balance and reduce the risk of falls; and manage chronic conditions such as back pain or depression. The World Health Organization recommends that all of us complete two strength training sessions targeting all major muscle groups on two days every week, and I love helping women to learn to lift weights and to achieve that target.

I have extensive experience of supporting clients during and after pregnancy. These can be physically and emotionally challenging chapters which often require a smarter strategy than simply to 'listen to your body'. If you have pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, hernia or incontinence I can bridge the gap between pelvic health physiotherapy and fitness and support you to return to the activities you enjoy and to regain your confidence in your body.

My Story


I am Elizabeth. In 2016 I left my career as a lawyer to retrain a fitness coach. Back then, I was on my own journey trying to get stronger after having two babies back-to-back - in 2013 and 2014 - rehabbing a diastasis recti and navigating pelvic floor dysfunction. I realised how under-served birthing people were by mainstream fitness and wanted to share everything I was learning with as many people as possible.

Up until that time, I had always been drawn to cardio exercise. I ran lots and enjoyed spin classes. I saw sweat and fatigue as a marker of a good workout. But feeling exhausted in this way wasn’t always compatible with life as a working mother. Beyond cardio, I suppose you could describe my exercise habits as a bit random. I'd do a barre class here, a HiiT class there, maybe a TRX class.


With my career change, I started to learn more about strength training, something I had never done properly before. This was the first time I had trained, instead of exercised, working consistently and progressively to get stronger. I loved it. I felt buoyed as I got better at the different movement patterns week-by-week. Being able to lift heavy stuff brought me an enormous sense of confidence. For the first time, I felt properly conditioned for all the lifting and carrying that comes with motherhood - without feeling wiped out.

I love helping women - especially mums - to learn to lift, and am on a mission to get as many women as possible to experience the benefits of strength training.

I had my third baby, a boy (pictured), in June 2019.

Qualifications and training:​

Level 2 Fitness Instructor (Premier Global, 2017)​; Level 3 Personal Trainer (Premier Global, 2017)​; Level 3 Designing Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Programmes (Premier Global, 2017)​; Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Prescription (Burrell Education, 2017)​; Postnatal Doula Preparation (Younique Postnatal Ltd, 2017)​; Piston Science, Module 1 (Julie Wiebe, 2018)​; Pelvic Floor Piston, Foundation for Fitness (Julie Wiebe, 2018)​; Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism 1.0 (Brianna Battles, 2018)​; The Female Athlete, Level 1 (Antony Lo, 2019)